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Your Greatest Gift…..

The greatest gift you could ever give yourself is to learn more about yourself. Understanding how you operate inside is priceless. The information on this page will help provide a basic understanding of some things that your conscious mind needs to learn about the unconscious mind and your body. Learning more about the conscious and unconscious mind is a very important part of my life coaching program, as it allows us to learn how to best instruct ourselves. Both your conscious and unconscious mind play different roles in the management and creation of your life. They both have your best interest at heart and you need them to be on the same page in order to get what you want.

97% of your perception and behaviour is decided before you think about it consciously.

Here are just a few wonderful facts about ourselves. I hope these get you as excited as I am about being a human being.

  • Your mind knows no limits. It adopts those limits you accept consciously. This is fairly self-explanatory yet so profound. I am always amazed at the limitations we so easily accept without any question or reason required. If you are up for doing an interesting exercise, write down all the limitations within yourself that you are aware of. Then ask the question: “How does this decision serve me?” for each limitation. You will quickly gain some insights as to some of the obstacles you have placed in the way of your dreams.
  • We all do the best with the resources we have.  This statement normally gets a host of mixed responses. Normally because people think that it takes away from their potential or diminishes what they think they are capable of. When understood, it actually has the opposite effect. The principal here is part of what you have is, commitments, circumstances, baggage, lack of information and anything else that contributed to your result, including talents, potential, energy and any other resources. What is really helpful when considering this is that it is pointless beating yourself up about anything in the past. What it encourages us to do is to change what we have so that we can get better results.
  • Human beings have more than one hundred billion possible neurological connections. Every cell in your body is bathed in neurons. Every neurological connection is knowledge & know how. Basically our potential is beyond what we can comprehend. This is very exciting when we are finding more and more ways to access and harness this potential.

I hope this has inspired you to learn even more about yourself. This page serves only as an introduction to some of the concepts I will cover with you on my Journey to Self program.

Life is a journey……….. Enjoy the ride!

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